Finna start a riot with le princess 🔫💣🔪🔨👸 #Haaaan 👹
Available on “” and “”
Just a diamond ring 💍 in the trash no reason to brag it’s Kas’ 👻
"I said…..They Kall me King Kas’"
This show dead live
Should of called it “Kas’ Got Talent” 😪 should of sent them the link in my bio. Still out here thou 👀
Less than two hours @ 7pm that GMP remix of “Act Right” is dropping. You ready ? #gmptakeover #gmp #actright #genocidemusic #remix
Dropping that heat rock tomorrow.  GMP remix of “Act Right” featuring ya boy, Breeze, and Genesis. Tomorrow at 7pm. See ya then !! 

#GMP #GenocideMusic #GMPTakeover #ActRight #Remix

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Bruh Man

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i dont know why people think this is cool???
what if (god forbid) your house catches on fire 
all of that is gone 
then what do you have???
get a fucking bank account 
"I’m just sitting in the studio just tryna get to you baby. But this song so f**king dope, girl it’s hard for me not to blaze it. To tell the truth, wish it was you in this booth that I was blazed with. So I’m hoist sitting in this studio just tryna get to you baby" -Anonymous
"You want me to open up to these storytelling rappers?" -Chris Smith 

@chrissmithmt EP “Here To Stay”  drops on Tuesday (April 1, 2014) 

Go check out his single off of the tape “Open Up To Me” on Soundcloud 

#MT2014 #HereToStay #ChrisSmith